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Information about the game
  • Publication date:2006
  • Drums:3
  • Free spins:No
  • Jackpot:No
  • Min Plant:0.10
  • Max bet:10

Ugga Buggra is a 3-drum, a 10-row, 1-line multispin machine. This means that there are three rotating drums and 10 rows from which you can create winning combinations. When drums stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each active paid line.

Slot Ugga Bugging Multispin from Starttech is based on African tribes concepts that contains a Wild Substitute Symbol to complete the winning combinations.

You can Start Ugga Bugging for free or for real money in denominations from 0.01 to 5.00 for a bet line, and bet from 1 to 5 coins behind the paid line. The minimum plant rate is 0.01, and the maximum 250.00 per one turn. The maximum win in the game is 1000x Line Bet.

Winnings of 10,000 or more are considered big winnings. Large winnings must be verified by the operator. Each coin you bet is activated by another winning line. Winnings are paid only for combinations winning on activated lines.

Ugga Buggish Basic information:

  • Bite from 0.01 to 5.00 for a bet on the line, and bet to 5 coins for a bet on the line.
  • Winning for convergence on various winning lines are added.
  • Withdrawals are made in accordance with the winnings table.
  • Wild IDOL symbol replaces all other symbols.
  • Some functions may not be available in Starting for Fun mode.
  • Incorrect operation of the game cancel all games and withdrawals.

Multispin Slot

Multispin Slot is a gigantic jump for machines. In Multispin Slots, after the first spin you can choose which drums you want to stop and then turn the rest of the drums again.

The 3-row, 5-row and 10-row means that you have 3, 5 or 10 rows of drums, just like in a multiline video poker you have many hands. Game Ugga Bugging Multispin allows you to increase the chance of winning by having a combination of symbols on all ten rows.

The first line of the drums starts to turn, and when it stops, you can stop a combination on one, two or all three symbols on the drums. All drums above those that have been stopped will also be stopped and show the same combination of symbols.

Click on Spin to continue and the drums you do not hold back and show your win.

Some of the Multispin slot machines allow you to set up from 1 to 5 coins for the bet on the paid line, for one turn. If you have never Started multi-wicked games on machines, such as Ugga Bugg, make sure you put a minimum on the first few speeds until you understand the betting system for this type of machines on machines.

Wild Symbol / Wild Symbol Ugga Bugg

Idol with the inscription "Wild" on it in the game Ugga Buggra is a wild symbol. This means that the wild idol symbol works as a substitute for other symbols to complete the winning combinations.

Many iDol Wild symbols on an active paid line creates winning combinations as shown in the "regular payment schedule".

Only one winning combination is paid to one line. If there are more than one possible winning combination on one wagging line, only the value of the highest combination is paid.

Ugga Buggish Basics game

  • To Start Gręugga Bugging Multispin Slot, follow these steps:
  • click the increase (+) or reduce (-) button to increase or reduce the size of the coin you want to place.
    • You can also choose the number of coins you want to put as follows:
    • Click "Bet one" button. You will increase the number of coins you want to put one.
    • Click on the "Bet Max" button. In this way, you will put the maximum permitted number of coins and automatically turn the drums.
    • Your total plant amount is the number of selected coins multiplied by the selected coin size.
  • Click on the "Spin" button. Drums will start to turn.

If a winning combination appears on the winning line, the game will be completed and the win will be paid in the amount consistent with the payout table.

If you do not have a winning combination, the game is completed and you can Start again.

Basic symbols

Regular payment schedule

The winnings paid on the Slot Ugga Buggra depend on the symbols disStarted on the payment line when the drums stop. The payment schedule summarizes the table of payments.

All numbers show the number of coins that are won for each combination. The value of credits won depends on the size of the coin.

Caution: There is a difference between a linear plant and a total plant. The linear plant shows how much you put on a single paid line. The total stake shows how much you spend on this round game.

Combination Coins Won
3 Idol Wild Symbols 1,000x
3 Black African Mask Symbols 125x
3 Red African Mask Symbols 100x
3 Gold African Mask Symbols Hix
Any 3 African Mask Symbols 25x
3 Black Drum Symbols 50x
3 Red Drum Symbols 35x
3 Gold Drum Symbols 20x
Any 3 Drum Symbols 10x
Any 3 Mask/Drum Symbols 5x
3 Wood Hut Symbols 30x
3 Grass Hut Symbols 20x
3 Stone Hut Symbols 10x
Any 3 Hut Symbols 5x
3 Carrots Symbols 15x
3 Soup Symbols 10x
3 Melon Symbols 5x
Any 3 Bowls Symbols 2x.
2 Idol Wild Symbols 2x.
1 Idol Wild Symbol 1x
3 Tribal Man Symbols 5x
2 Tribal Man Symbols 2x.
1 Tribal Man Symbols 1x

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