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Information about the game
  • Publication date:2009
  • Drums:5
  • Free spins:So
  • Jackpot:So
  • Min Plant:1.25
  • Max bet:200

Mega Fortune ™ is a 5-reel, 25-line game on video machines. This means that there are five rotating drums from which you can create winning combinations. You activate another paid line for each "thrown coin". When drums stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each active paid line.

The luxury theme of the game gives Starters a clue what they can expect when they reach the changing life of Mega Jackpot. In addition to a combined jackpot, this slot also has two local jackpots.

This game has scatter symbols, Wild symbols, a bonus round Free Spin and the game of mega fortune bonus feature, in which you can win one of three progressive jackpots.

  • The maximum win outside the progressive Jackpot in the Mega Fortune game is 10,000 coins.
  • Progressive Real Money Jackpot is available only for Real Money Users.
  • You activate another paid line for each coin. Winning are paid for winning combinations only on enabled paid lines.
  • All symbols are paid from left to right (drums 1-5) in the order in line with the order, except for SCATTER champagne symbols that pay freely.

Basic information about Mega Fortune

  • Start from 1 to 25 lines.
  • Site from 0.01 to 0.50 on the paid line and from 1 to 4 coins for the bet on the paid line.
  • The theoretical average rate of return for the Starter (RTP) is 96%.
  • The highest win is only valid on each selected line.
  • Casual winnings on various won lines are added.
  • Withdrawals are implemented in accordance with the winnings table.
  • Winnings are paid only for the highest combination on each active winning line, except for winning scatter symbols.
  • Scatter Champagne symbols do not have to appear on an active winning line to win.
  • Ordinary symbols pay won from left to right (Reel 1-5), with the exception of SCATTER SCATTER symbols that pay any win.
  • Winned Scatter and Bonus games are added to won on paylines.
  • Winning SCATTER symbols are independent of won on winning lines and are added to wins on wandering lines.
  • The wild Mighty Monkey symbol replaces all other symbols except Mega Fortune Wheel and Champagne Scatter.
  • Some functions may not be available in Starting for Fun mode.
  • Incorrect operation of the game cancel all games and withdrawals.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are constantly accumulating prizes. Current values of progressive jackpots are disStarted in the Mega Fortune slot machine.

This slot has three progressive jackpots (mega progressive jackpot, main progressive jackpot and fast progressive jackpot).

To qualify for a mega progressive jackpot, you must put a maximum of four coins on all 25 of the plant lines with a total value of 100 coins.

Every time someone Starts a fraction of his bet is added to progressive jackpots.

The SCATTER MEGA Fortune Wheel symbol must appear from left to right (Reel 1-5) in order and on the active bet line to win.

Symbole wild

The symbol of the yacht in the Mega Fortune video machine is a Wild Symbol. This means that the yacht symbol acts as a substitute for regular symbols to complete the winning combinations.

Many yacht symbols on an active paid line creates winning combinations, as shown in the "regular payment schedule".

A wild yacht symbol does not replace the champagne symbol to make up the winning scatter combinations or activate the bonus round of free spins.

A wild yacht symbol does not replace the wheel symbol or activate the game Mega Fortune Bonus Feature.

Caution: Only one winning combination is paid to one line. If there are more than one possible combination on one winner line, only the value of the highest combination is paid.

Symbole Scatter

Champagne Mega Fortune and the champagne symbol in the machine are SCATTER symbols. This means that the champagne symbol does not have to appear in the line, on the active paid line to win

Champagne Scatter symbol can be scattered anywhere on five drums to create winning combinations, provided that two or more Champagne Scatter symbols appear.

The winnings are calculated by multiplying the winner for the combination of champagne symbols, as shown in the "regular payroll schedule", by the total number of coins.

Three or more SCATTER SCATTER Symbols scattered anywhere on five drums activate a free spin bonus round.

A wild yacht symbol in the Mega Fortune game does not replace the champagne symbol to complete the winning combinations of scattered or activate the round of bonus free spots.

Caution: If you have a winning scattered symbols and regular winnings, you will receive a payment for both wins, because the scattered champagne symbol does not have to appear on an active paid line to win. Scatter winnings are independent of won on paylines and are added to win on paylines.

SCATTER symbol must appear from the left to the right (Reel 1-5) in order and on the active bet line to win.

Three or more scatter symbols Mega Fortune scattered anywhere on the active line wins the bonus plot

Wheel symbols do not give wins, but allow you to enter the game Mega Fortune Bonus Feature.

Bonus Mega Fortune Free Spin

  • Free Spin Bonus Three or more champagne symbols distributed anywhere on five drums activates a free spin bonus round.
  • All plants and payment lines in the Free Spins game are the same as in the game that activated the free spin bonus round.
  • All control buttons are turned off during a round Free Spin Bonus Round, including withdrawal buttons.
  • When Starting a bonus round free spin two or more champagne symbols scattered anywhere on five drums activate additional free spins and / or multiplier values.
  • Click the champagne dispersal symbol to disclose the number of additional free spins or the value of the multiplier.
  • Additional Free Spins are automatically added to the present free Spins.
  • The value of the multiplier is automatically added to the current multiplier.
  • During the game in the bonus round free spin, the maximum multiplier value is set to 5x.
  • Mega Fortune Bonus Feature Game can be run while Free Spin Bonus Round game, however, the volume of the FREE SPIN does not multiply winnings during the game Mega Fortune Bonus Feature.
  • After the end of the bonus round of free spots, you will return to the normal game on the Mega Fortune slot, and the winnings from free spots will be added to the total win.

Mega Fortune bonus function

The Bonus Function SCATTER Symbol Mega Fortune must appear from left to right (drums 1-5) in order and on the active bet line to win. Three or more Scatter symbols scattered anywhere on the active line won the Bonus Feature game. During the Feature Bonus, click on "Spin Button" to start rotating the "Bonus Wheel". If the "Wheel Bonus" will stop on the arrow, the next "Bonus Wheel" will start to turn on.

  • The first most external wheel gives you a chance to win a bonus cash prize or Start next inner circle.
  • The second and third wheel give you a chance to winning a bonus prize Cash or one of the progressive jackpots - the main progressive jackpot or a fast progressive jackpot.
  • If the "Wheel Bonus" will stop on the arrow, and you will reach Mega, win the Mega Progressive Jackpot.
  • Click Stop to stop the rotating "Bonus wheel" and receive the prize.
  • If the "Wheel Bonus" will stop on the value of the coin, this value will be granted and the Bonus Feature game will end.
  • Note: If "Wheel Bonus" will stop on the jackpot, Jackpot is won, the Feature Bonus ends.
  • The payment of a progressive jackpot is subject to the rules and conditions in force at a given casino.
  • Note: The progressive jackpot counter can be disStarted in a currency other than the one in which you Start. If you win a progressive jackpot and You Start a casino In another currency, the winning amount will be converted into a currency in which you Start and added to your account.

Skill stop function

The Netent software package offers Skill Stop Feature for your slot machines.

Skill Stop Spin Feature allows you to stop the rotating drum using one touch of a button by clicking "Spin Button".

During a regular game you have the option of controlling when the drums stop, by pressing "Spin Button".

When you press Spin / Stop Button "Spin Button" all drums stop helping you to create "Winning Combinations" and / or start the bonus round functions. The Skill Stop Spin function is an option during the game on the Mega Fortune machine, it is not required to stop the drums, the machine will stop alone.

How to Start

To bet a bet, click "Bet Lines" to select the number of lines to put on. Each click adds one line to the bet and highlights the plant line on the screen. You can also choose a bet line by clicking the plant line symbols on the sides of the MEGA Fortune screen. The current number of the plant lines is presented on the disStart under the slot game buttons.

The value of the coin is shown on the disStart under the Mega Fortune slot buttons.

Your total bet in "Coins" is disStarted in the "BET" disStart on the left side of the game buttons Mega Fortune Automat, and the total area of the plant is disStarted in the game panel at the bottom of the game Mega Fortune Automat. To put the highest bet at one time, click "Max Bet". Click the Spin / Stop "Spin Button" button to start the game, and the cost of your bet is deducted from your account. If you click "Max Bet", the drums will start to turn automatically. When you win, the winning lines of the plant will be highlighted, and the amount win will be disStarted in the game panel at the bottom of the game. The number of coins winnings is disStarted on the "Win" disStart on the right side of the game buttons on the Mega Fortune machine.

AutoStart function

You can use the AutoStart option if you want Mega Fortune to Start automatically by several turns. Select the coin you want to Start, select the number of payouts to which you want to bet and click on the AutoStart button to start the AutoStart menu. In this menu you can choose the number of revolutions that you want to Start automatically, the delay time between each rotation and different stop settings. Once you choose AUTOStart functions, click on the Start button in this menu and the game will start automatically.

to set advanced autoStart options, click the auto in the game panel, and then click advanced settings.

  • With each win. Stop AutoStart when you win a round.
  • If you win Free Spins. Stop AutoStart after winning free spins.
  • If the winner will be awarded a bonus game. Stop AutoStart when a bonus game will win.
  • If a single win will be exceeded. Stop AutoStart when the amount of winning exceeds or equal to the amount determined by you.
  • If cash will increase o. Stop AutoStart if cash increases by a specific amount.
  • If cash decreases o. Stop autoStart if cash decreases for a certain amount.

Game setting options

To access the game settings, click the Key icon in the game panel.

  • Sound effects. Turn on or off Sound effects Started for events.
  • Sound of the surroundings. Enabling or disabling the soundtrack in the background.
  • History of the game. Click to view the latest game history.
  • Note: Some casinos can work without all listed game settings.

Regular symbols

Regular payment schedule

The winnings paid on the Mega Fortune slot depend on the symbols disStarted on the payment line when the drums stop.

The scheme of payment summarizes the tab from the payment of the game.

NOTE: All numbers show the number of coins that are won for each combination. The value of credits won depends on the size of the coin.

Symbol Name 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Yacht 10 100 1,000 10,000
Limousine 2 30 200 1,000
Money 25 100 500
Diamond Watch 15 50 300
Brandy and Cigar 10 40 200
Ace 5 30 150
King 5 20 125
Queen 4 15 100
Jack 3 10 75
Scatter 2x. Reverse 10x 100x

Diagram of many paid lines / Multiple PayLines

The win will be paid for regular combinations winning only on enabled paid lines.

The number of credits wins depends on the total number of coins winnings multiplied by the coin selected by you.

Colorful lines on the graphics below show the shape of available paid lines:

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