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Graj Jack and the Beanstalk w:
Jack and the Beanstalk




Information about the game
  • Publication date:2011
  • Drums:5
  • Free spins:So
  • Jackpot:No
  • Min Plant:1
  • Max bet:400

Jack and The Beanstalk is a 5-reel, 20-line video game for machines. This means that there are five drums from which you can create winning combinations. You activate another line for each "thrown coin". When drums stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each active paid line.

Jack and The Beanstalk is maintained in a fairy tale theme. It is possible to win up to 600,000 loans from one plant. Personally, I think that the netent really passed themselves in this game, it is a really fantastic slot game and I love Walking Wilding symbols, I'm sure you'll love them too!

This slot contains scatter symbols, symbols arranged in a stack, multipliers, Walking Wild function with re-revolutions, Bonus Free Spins with the function of collecting treasures.

The maximum win in the regular Jack and The Beanstalk Multiline Slot Machine is 1,000 loans on the plant line. You activate another payline for each coin. Winnings are only paid for the winning combinations on the lines enabled. All symbols are paid from left to right (drums 1-5) in order compliant with the order, except for Scatter Magic Beans symbols that pay freely.

Basic information:

  • Start 1 to 20 bet lines.
  • Place from 0.01 to 0.50 for the bet and from 1 to 10 coins behind the line.
  • The theoretical average rate of return for the Starter (RTP) is 96.3%.
  • The highest win only on each selected paid line.
  • Casual winnings on various won lines are added.
  • Withdrawals are implemented in accordance with the winnings table.
  • Winnings are paid only for the highest combination on each active winning line.
  • To win, SCATTER MAGIC BEAN symbols do not have to appear on the active winning line.
  • Ordinary symbols pay won from left to right (Reel 1-5) in the order in line with the order, except for Scatter Magic Beans symbols.
  • Winning in a bonus game are added to wins on wandering lines.
  • Wild Symbol Jack and The Beanstalk logo replaces all other symbols except the Scatter Magic Beans symbol and the key symbol.
  • Wild Symbol of the Multiplier Jack and the Beanstalk Logo Piblii Win from each winning combination that will create if it works as a substitute symbol.
  • When the Jack And The Beanstalk Logo Wild symbol appears on the drums, RE-SPIN is awarded.
  • When re-turning the Joker symbol moves one drum to the left, giving a chance for a greater win.
  • Re-spins last as long as Wild symbol is present on the drums.
  • The Walking Wild function appears both in the main game and in Free Spins.
  • Some functions may not be available in Starting for Fun mode.

Stacked symbols

Symbols in the Jack and The Beanstalk game can appear on all five drums. It is possible to disStart up to three symbols on one drum simultaneously, creating combinations of arranged symbols. The arranged symbols increase your chances of winning and complement the winning combinations.

Only one winning combination is paid on one line. If there are more than one combination on one winner, only the value of the highest combination is paid.

Wild Symbols / Wild Symbols

The Jack and the Beanstalk logo is a Wild symbol. This means that this symbol works as a substitute for other symbols to supplement the winning combinations, does not replace the Magic Beans symbol to complete the winning scatter combinations or activate the free Spins bonus game.

Wild symbol Logo Jack and The Beanstalk does not replace the key symbol in the Free Spins bonus game.

When the Wild Symbol appears anywhere, the Walking Wild function will be activated. Only one winning combination is paid on one line. If more than one possible combination is paid on one winner line, the value of the highest combination is paid.

Walking Wild function

Jack and the Beanstalk Walking Wilds Feature When the Jack and The Beanstalk symbol will appear on the drums, re-turns are awarded.

When re-turning, the Jack and The Beanstalk symbol moves one drum to the left, giving a chance for a greater win.

Returning lasts as long as the symbol is on the drums. All winnings with the symbol are "Pano".

The Walking Wild function appears both in the main game on the Jack and The Beanstalk machine and in the free turnover bonus. : Bonus Free Spins can not be started when Walking Wilding is active.

Symbole Scatter

Magic Beans The symbol in the game Jack and The Beanstalk is a scatter symbol. This means that the SCATTER MAGIC BEANS symbol does not have to appear in one line on an active paid line to win. SCATTER symbol can be scattered anywhere on five drums to create winning combinations, provided that there are three or more symbols. Three or more scatter symbols distributed anywhere on five drums activates the free Spins bonus game.

Magic Beans symbols do not provide wins, but allow you to enter the free Spins Bonus game.

Bonus Free Spins

Jack and the Beanstalk Free Spins Bonus Three or more SCATTER MAGIC BEANS symbols distributed anywhere on five drums activates the Free Spins game.

You will receive 10 free spins; All plants and payment lines in free revolutions are the same as in the game that activated bonus turnover. All control buttons are turned off during Free Spins Bonus, including withdrawal buttons. Three or more Magic Beans symbols distributed anywhere on drums during Free Spin, you will receive 5 Free Spins.

Additional free Spins are added to the remaining free spins. During the round of bonus free spins, the infinite number of additional free spins can be granted.

During the game Bonus Free Spins, the treasury collection feature will be activated.

Jack and the Beanstalk - key key symbols located on the 5th drum during free spins unlock the following wild functions:

2 Stacked Moneybag

Jack and the Beanstalk - Moneybag Collect 3 symbols Key, and every new Walking Wild symbol appearing on the drums will turn into a Symbol Stacked Wild in the form of 2 MoneyBag symbols.

3 arranged in a pile of golden chickens

Jack and the Beanstalk - Golden Hen Collect 6 key symbols, and every new Walking Wild symbol appearing on the drums will turn into stacked wild in the form of 3 Golden Hen symbols.

Extending Golden Harp

Jack and The Beanstalk - Golden Harp Collect 9 key symbols, and all new Walking Wild symbols appearing on the drums turn into expanding Wild in the form of a symbol of a golden harp.

Collected symbols (money boxes, golden chickens and golden harp) are not saved between the sessions of the game bonus free spins.po the end of the bonus game Free Spins, you will be moved to the normal game on the Jack and the Beanstalk machine, and your winnings in the Free Spin game will be added to Sumy of winnings.

Skill stop function

The Netent software package offers Skill Stop Feature for your slot machines. Skill Stop Spin Feature allows you to stop the rotating drum using a single button by clicking on "Spin Button". During the regular game on the machine you have the option of controlling when the drums stop by pressing "Spin Button".

When you press the Spin / Stop Button button "Spin Button" all drums stop, helping you to create "Winning Combinations" and / or start the bonus round functions. SPIN SPIN Feature is an option during a slot machine, you are not obliged to stop drums, a machine He will stop alone.

AutoStart function

You can use the AutoStart option if you want the game machine to Start automatically for a certain number of revolutions.

to set advanced autoStart options, click autoStart in the keyboard or auto in the game panel, and then click advanced settings.

  • With each win. Stop AutoStart after winning in the round.
  • If you win free spins. Stop AutoStart if you win free spins.
  • If a single win exceeds. Stops AutoStart if the winning amount exceeds or equal to the given amount.
  • If cash will increase o. Stop AutoStart if cash will rise about the given amount.
  • If cash decreases o. Stop autoStart if cash decreases for a given amount.

Slot settings options

  • To access the game settings, click the Key icon in the game panel.
  • Fast turnover. Enables or disables the Quick Revolution option.
  • Sound of the surroundings. Enables or turn off the soundtrack in the background.
  • Animations. Enabling or disabling animations.
  • Sound effects. Enables or disables the effects Started during events.
  • Initial screen. Enabling or disabling the starting screen.
  • Quality of graphics. Adjusts the quality in the event of a poor network connection.
  • History of the game. Click to disStart the last game history.
  • Space key for rotating. Enables or disables the Space key function.
  • Some casino They can work without all listed game settings.

Regular symbols

Regular payment schedule

Winnings paid on the video Slot Jack and The Beanstalk depend on the symbols disStarted on the winning line when the drums stop. The scheme of payment summarizes the table payment table. All numbers show the number of coins that are won for each combination. The value of credits won depends on the size of the coin you have placed.

Symbol Name 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Boy Jack 20 200 1,000
Ogre 15 100 750
Goat 10 50 250
Axe 10 50 250
Water Pail 8 30 125
Ace 6 25 100
King 5 20 75
Queen 5 20 75
Jack 4 15 50
Ten 3 10 30

Diagram of many paid lines

The win will be paid for regular combinations winning only on enabled paid lines. The number of credits wins depends on the total number of coins winnings multiplied by the coin selected by you. Colorful lines on the graphics below show the shape of available paid lines:

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