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Information about the game
  • Publication date:2011
  • Drums:5
  • Free spins:So
  • Jackpot:No
  • Min Plant:0.20
  • Max bet:0.50

Gonzo's Quest is a 20-line video slot with avalanche drums. The symbols are falling on the spot on the drums instead of rotating.

You activate another paid line for each thrown coin. When the drum stops, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each activated Payline.

Gonzo's Quest is a type of slot game that you need to see to believe. Gonzo's Quest from Netent during its release in 2011 was definitely the most advanced animated 3D slot game. In Gonzo's Quest ™ our hero gonzalo pizzaro sets off on a journey through the Amazon Jungle in search of a missing golden city - Eldorado.

Gonzo's Quest 3D Video Slot Machine Moves a Casino Game for a completely new level; There are no circling wheels, only falling stones!

Replacing the traditional rotation of the drums, the Gonzo's Quest game introduces the Avalanche drums. As long as there are winning combinations on the plant lines, avalanches are repeated.

Gonzo's Quest game can be Started for free to run a free Gonzo's Quest game, click on Start on this review 🙂

Gonzo's Quest game contains Avalanche drums, and Avalanche multipliers, scatter symbols, Wild, and Free Falls symbols Bonus Feature, where you can win to 15x Munnnik value for all winning combinations.

The maximum win in the regular Gonzo's Quest game is 2,500 loans on the plant line.

Caution: For each coin, you activate another paid line. Winnings are only paid for winning combinations on enabled paid lines.

All symbols are paid from left to right (drums 1-5) in order compliant with the order, including Scatter Free Fall symbols.

Important information Gonzo's Quest

  • Start from 1 to 20 lines.
  • Seat from 0.01 to 0.50 on the paid line and from 1 to 5 coins for the bet on the paid line.
  • Theoretical average rate of return for the Starter (RTP) is 95.97%
  • The highest win is only valid on each selected line.
  • Casual winnings on various won lines are added.
  • Withdrawals are implemented in accordance with the winnings table.
  • Winnings are paid only for the highest combination on each active winning line, except for winning scatter symbols.
  • To win, Scatter Free Fall symbols do not have to appear on the active winning line.
  • All symbols pay off the left to right (Reel 1-5) in the order in line with the order, including the SCATTER FREAL symbols.
  • Winning in a bonus game are added to wins on wandering lines.
  • Symbols in winning combinations explode and disappear, leaving a place for a second avalanche symbols.
  • The winning multiplier is increased with every new avalanche.
  • Wild Question Mark symbol replaces all other symbols, including Scatter Free Fall symbols.
  • Some functions may not be available in Starting for Fun mode.
  • Incorrect operation of all games and withdrawals.

Avalanche Reels in Gonzo's Quest

Instead of traditional rotations of the drums, the game introduces the Avalanche REELS function, in which the symbols are falling into their place on the drums instead of rotating.

Symbols that create the winning line of the plant disappear in 3D explosions, and the gaps left by them are filled with further falling symbols. As long as there are a winning plant lines, there are avalanches.

The winning multiplier is increased with every new avalanche.

The maximum AVALANCHE multiplier is 5x in the usual Gonzo's Quest game and up to 15x AVALANCHE multiplier in the Free Fall Bonus Feature game.

Wild Symbols

A question mark symbol in Gonzo's Quest is a wild symbol / Wild.

This means that the Question Mark symbol replaces other symbols to complete the winning combination.

Wild Question Mark symbol can replace the SCATTER FREAL symbol to activate the Free Fall Bonus Feature (Free Spin) game.

Caution: Only one winning combination is paid on one winning line. If there are more than one combination on one winner, only the value of the highest combination is paid.

Symbol scatter

The Free Fall symbol in the Video Filmat Gonzo's Quest is a scatter symbol. This means that the Free Fall symbol does not have to appear in a line, on an active paid line to win.

Free Fall symbols must appear one by one, starting from the most extended to the left drum.

Wild Question Mark symbol in Gonzo's Quest game can replace the SCATTER FREAL symbol to activate the Free Fall bonus round (Free Spin).

Three SCATTER FREAL Symbols showed anywhere from left to right in the sequence of the free Fall Bonus Round game.

Caution: Scatter Free Fall symbols do not provide wins, but allow you to enter free Fall Bonus Round.


Three Scatter Free Fall symbols DisStarted in any order from left to right Activate a free Fall bonus function.

Wild Question Mark symbol in Gonzo's Quest game can replace the Free Fall scattering symbol to activate the Free Fall Bonus Feature game (Free Spin).

Each line of the plant containing 3+ Symbols Free Fall activates 10 Games Free Fall.

All bets and lines winning in Free Fall Bonus Feature are the same as in the case of a rotation that activated the Free Fall Bonus Feature.

If three Scatter Free Fall symbols will be scattered in the order on the drums during the Free Fall game, Starters will receive another 10 Free Fall games.

Additional Free Fall games are added to the remaining free Fall. Message below the drums will disStart the number of other free Fall games.

All control buttons are turned off during Free Fall Bonus Feature, including with the withdrawal buttons.

Win line of the plant during the Free Fall game will launch Avalanche. The winning multiplier is increased with every new avalanche. The maximum multiplier value in the Free Fall Bonus Feature game is 15x.

After completing the Free Fall Bonus Feature game, you will be moved to the normal game on the Gonzo's Quest machine, and your winnings in the Free Fall game will be added to the total win.

How to Start - Gonzo's Quest

To bet a bet, click "Bet Lines" to select the number of the line you want to bet. Each click adds one line to the bet and highlights the plant line on the screen. You can also choose a bet line by clicking on the Plant Line Symbols on the Side of the Gonzo's Quest screen. The current number of bet lines is presented on the disStart under the Gonzo's Quest button.

The value of the coin is presented on the disStart under the Gonzo's Quest buttons.

Your total plant in "Coins" is disStarted on the "BET" disStart on the left side of the game buttons, and the total bite amount is disStarted in the game panel at the bottom of the Gonzo's Quest. To put the highest bet at one time, click "Max Bet".

Click "Spin Button" to start the game, and the cost of your bet is deducted from your account. If you click "Max Bet", the drums will start to turn automatically.

When you win, the winning lines of the plant will be highlighted, and the amount win will be disStarted in the game panel at the bottom of the game. The number of coins winnings is disStarted on the "Win" disStart on the right side of the game buttons on the Gonzo's Quest machine.

AutoStart Gonzo's Quest function

You can use the AutoStart option if you want Gonzo's Quest to Start automatically through a certain number of revolutions.

Select the coin you want to Start, select the number of payouts to which you want to bet and click on the AutoStart button to start the AutoStart menu.

In this menu you can choose the number of revolutions that you want to Start automatically, the delay time between each rotation and different stop settings.

After selecting the automatic game function, click on the Start button in this menu and the game will start automatically.

Game setting options

To access the game settings, click on the key icon in the game panel.

  • Sound effects. Enable or disable sound effects Started during events.
  • Sound of the surroundings. Enabling or disabling the soundtrack in the background.
  • History of the game. Click to view the latest game history.

Caution: Some casino They can work without all listed game settings.

Regular Gonzo's Quest symbols

Payment schedule

The winnings paid on the Gonzo's Quest slot depend on the symbols disStarted on the winning line when the drums stop.

The payment schedule summarizes the table of payments.

Caution: All numbers show the number of coins that are won for each combination. The value of credits won depends on the size of the coin.

Symbol Name 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Moon Idol 50 250 2,500
Four Idol 20 100 1,000
Fish Idol 15 50 500
Health Idol 10 25 200
Snake Idol 5 20 100
Alligator Idol 4 15 75
Bird Idol 3 10 50

A schema won on many lines

The win will be paid for regular combinations winning only on enabled paid lines.

The number of credits wins depends on the total number of coins winnings multiplied by the chosen coin size.

Colorful lines on the below graphics show the shape of available paylines:

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