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Information about the game
  • Publication date:2011
  • Drums:5
  • Free spins:So
  • Jackpot:No
  • Min Plant:0.20
  • Max bet:5

Caesar's Empire is a 5-reel, a 20-line automatic game from a real series. This means that there are five drums from which you can create winning combinations. You activate another winning line for each thrown coin. When drums stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each active paid line.

Game Video slots Caesar's Empire Real-Series is based on Roman motif.

The game contains Scatter symbols, Wild multiplier symbols, random progressive jackpot and Caesar Free Spin bonus game with 2x time multiplier values for all winning combinations.

The maximum win beyond a random progressive jackpot in a regular multilogue game is 2,500 loans on the plant line. For each coin you bet, you activate another paid line. Winnings are only paid for winning combinations on the lines included.

All symbols are paid from left to right (drums 1-5) in order compliant with the order, except for the SCATTER KOLOSEUM symbol, which pays any amount.

basic Information:

  • Start 1 to 20 lines.
  • Bite from 0.01 to 5.00 for the bet on the Paid Line.
  • The highest win only on each selected paid line.
  • Casual winnings on various won lines are added.
  • Withdrawals are implemented in accordance with the winnings table.
  • The winnings are paid only for the highest combination on each active line, except for winning scatter symbols.
  • Scatter Colosseum symbols do not have to appear on an active winning line to win.
  • Ordinary symbols are paid from left to right (Reel 1-5) in the order in line with the order, with the exception of Scatter Coliseum symbols, which are paid in
  • Any place.
  • Winnings in a bonus game are added to won on paylines.
  • Scatter winnings are independent of won on winning lines and are added to won on wandering lines.
  • Wild Caesar Coin symbol replaces all other symbols, except for Scatter Coliseum.
  • Wild Symbol of the Caesar Coin Coin Potroi multiplier for each winning combination that creates if it works as a substitute symbol.
  • The maximum winnings for a paid turnover is 50,000 times the plant to the line.
  • Some functions may not be available in Starting for Fun mode.
  • Incorrect operation of the game cancel all games and withdrawals.
  • Random progressive Jackpot
  • A random progressive jackpot can be won after completing any regular game on the Caesar's Empire slot; Progressive Jackpot is run randomly.
  • The current Random Progressive Jackpot value is disStarted in the Caesar's Empire game.
  • Random Progressive Jackpot is available in fun and true game mode, but with separate funds.
  • Random Progressive Jackpot "can be won randomly during any paid game.
  • You can put any denomination, the number of coins and paylines to have a chance to win a random progressive jackpot.
  • The bigger your bet in every game, the greater you have the chance to win a "random progressive jackpot".
  • Random progressive Jackpot "can not be won during bonus games.

Progressive Real Money Jackpots are only available to Real Money Starters.

The progressive jackpot counter can be disStarted in a currency other than the one in which you Start. If you win a progressive jackpot and Start games casino In another currency, the winning amount will be converted into a currency in which you Start and added to your account.

Symbole wild

  • Caesar's Empire - Caesar Coin Coins Symbol of Juliusz Caesar is a symbol of a wild multiplier. This means that the wild coin symbol of Juliusz Caesar replaces other symbols to finish winning combinations and multiply the win.
  • The Caesar Coin symbol appears only on drums 1, 2, 3 and 4 during a regular game on the Caesar's Empire slot.
  • The Caesar Coin Symbol "Potroi" withdrawal of each winning combination that will complement if it works as a substitute symbol.
  • The wild coin symbol does not replace the Scatter Colosseum symbol to make up the winning scatter combinations or activate the Caesar Free Spins bonus game.
  • Multiple Julius Caesar Coin symbols on an active paid line create winning combinations as shown in the "regular payment schedule".
  • The winning combinations are not multiplied.

Only one winning combination is paid to one line. If there is more than one possible winning combination on the paid line, only the value of the highest combination is paid.

Symbole Scatter

Coliseum symbol is a scatter symbol. This means that the SCATTER COLOSEUM symbol does not have to appear in the line on the active paid line to win.

All symbols pay from left to right in the order as follows, except for the Scatter Coliseum symbol that pays in any direction.

Scatter Coliseum can be scattered anywhere on five drums to create winning combinations, provided that two or more scatter coliseum symbols will appear. The winnings are calculated by multiplying winning for the combination of the Colosseum symbols, as shown in the "regular payment schedule", through the total number of coins.

The Wild Caesar Coin symbol in the Caesar's Empire game does not replace the scattered coliseum symbol to complete the winning combinations scattered or activated the Caesar Free Spins bonus game.

If you have a winning scattered symbols and regular winnings, you will receive a payment for both wins, because the scattered coliseum symbol does not have to appear on an active paid line to win. Scatter win is added to win on payline.

Caesar Bonus - Free spiny

Caesar Free Spin Bonus Bonus will start when 1 or more Caesar Coin Wild symbols will appear anywhere on drums 1, 2, 3, and / or 4, and the SCATTER COLISEUM symbol will appear anywhere on the drum 5 at the same time. 10 free spins are granted, during free spins, all winning combinations are "doubled", and Caesar's coin can also appear on 5 drum.

  • All Scatter Colosseum symbols will be converted into Caesar or Cleopatra's symbol while Caesar Free Spin Bonus.
  • All plants and paylines Started during Free Spins are the same as in the game that activated the Caesar Free Spin Bonus game.
  • All control buttons are turned off during Caesar Free Spin Bonus games, including withdrawal buttons.
  • Every Caesar coin symbol that appears during the Free Spin game, it is awarded to 5 extra free spins.
  • Additional free Spins are added to the remaining free spins. During Caesar Free Spin Bonus, an infinite number of additional Free Spins can be granted.
  • When the Caesar Free Spin bonus game will be completed, you will be restored to a regular game on the Caesar's Empire machine, and your winnings in the Free Spin game will be added to the sum of the winnings.

Basic symbols

Regular payment schedule

The winnings paid on the Caesar's Empire slot depend on the symbols disStarted on the payment line when the drums stop. The scheme of payment summarizes the tab from the payment of the game.

all numbers show the number of coins that are won for each combination. the value of credits won depends on the size of the coin.

Symbol name 1 Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Caesar Coin 2 25 250 2,500
Cleopatra 2 50 250 2,500
Roman Helmet 2 40 100 500
Sword and Shield 2 15 40 200
Fruit 2 10 25 150
Ace 5 20 125
King 5 20 125
Queen 5 15 100
Jack 5 15 100
Ten 5 10 100
Nine 5 10 100
Scatter 1x Reverse 10x 100x

A schema won on many lines

The win will be paid for regular combinations winning only on enabled paid lines. The number of credits wins depends on the total number of coins winnings multiplied by the coin selected by you. Colorful lines on the graphics below show the shape of available paid lines:

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