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Graj Book of Dead w:
Book of dead




Information about the game
  • Publication date:2016
  • Drums:5
  • Free spins:So
  • Jackpot:No
  • Min Plant:0.1
  • Max bet:100

In 2014, the SLOP OF DEAD we follow Rich Wilde, Extraordinaire explorer, which delves into the mysteries of ancient Egypt in pursuit of valuable artifacts.

At first glance at Book of Dead, you can see clear similarities to another online slot game, Book of Ra, which was a record holder both online and in stationary casinos in terms of popularity among Starters. Is Book of Dead match her? Well, you can argue that this Start N slot in reality exceeds the standards laid down by the latter slot.

This told, the slots inspired by Egypt are not uncommon, so it would be more sensible to assess this Start n go on the basis of his own merits.

let's look at what Starters offer.

  • 5 drums, 3 rows, 10 places for betting
  • Default betting levels 1-10
  • Minimum bet 0.1; Maximum bet 100
  • Maximum win 250,000 coins
  • Special functions include Wilds, Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Gamble Feature
  • Return to the Starter at 96.21%.
  • Summability is high / Volatility High

Details of the slot and limits of rates

The Book of Dead slot has 5 drums, 3 rows and 10 payout lines. You can choose to Start with up to 10 lines, or only with 1 line. At rates from 1 per line, you can Start from 0.1 for turning. If you Start with all 10 withdrawal lines, you can rotate from 0.1 to 100 for turnover.

Starting 5 drums and 3 rows, you can create winning combinations by collecting 3 or more matching symbols on each of the 10 lines, starting from the drum 1.

If you want, you can click on the Auto Start button and Start from 10 to 100 turns automatically. You can enter the rules according to which the automatic game will stop if you start the function Free turnif a single win will exceed the fixed amount or if the account balance will increase or decrease to the selected amount.

Being a slot Start, N Go, it is a high-volatile slot. This means that most of the winnings will be smaller sizes. Larger winnings will appear in the Free Spins function, because a special expanding symbol makes it easier to fill the drums with the same symbol.

The higher the value of the special expansion symbol, the greater potential profits. The maximum win is 5,000 x Rotation or free turnover. You can win it if all drums are filled with Rich Wilde.

There are 11 different symbols that appear on the drums. There are 9 normal symbols and 1 SCATTER symbol (Book of Dead), which also works as a Wild symbol. Here's what each symbol offers with payouts:


Q, j the 10 3, 4 or 5 = 0.5, 2.5 or 10 x stake

K or A 3, 4 or 5 = 0.5, 4 or 15 x stake

Horus Anubis 2, 3, 4 or 5 = 0.5, 3, 10 or 75 x Rate

Osiris 2, 3, 4 or 5 = 0.5, 4, 40 or 200 x stake

Rich Wilde 2, 3, 4 or 5 = 1, 10, 100 or 500 x stake.

As you can see, Rich Wilde (fearless discoverer) is the most profitable symbol. 5 On the payout line will give you a 500-fold rate, but only 2 will return to the stake. If you can fill all drums one of the symbols of Rich Wilde, you will hit a jackpot worth 5,000 times greater than your rate.

The symbol of the book (or Book of Dead as is known) is equally important, because it is both a Wild and Scatter symbol. When it appears as a Wild symbol, it can replace any other symbol on the drums to help you create winning combinations.

In Book of Dead you can Start on desktop computers, Mobile devices and tablets. High resolution visualization works well on smaller screens, just like on laptop screens and desktop computers.

Slot features explained

The Book of Dead symbol works both as Wild and Scatter.

As a Wild symbol, it can replace each other symbol on the drums.

On one line they win four Riche Wild symbols and the symbol of the Wild Book (Book of Dead). Slot treats Joker as the fifth Symbol of Riche Wild and pays a win as if you found five such symbols.

As Scatter, Book of Dead pays a win even when it is not on the winning line. If there are at least three scatteres on the drums, the win will be granted:

three scatteres - 2 coins,

Four scatteres - 20 coins,

Five scatteres - 200 coins.

When you land three or more Scatter symbols, you activate the Free Spins function

Book of Dead Game has 1 main bonus function, Free Spins and 2 connected with it. Symbol / Expanding Symbols and Gambling / Gamble Feature.

A randomly selected symbol is chosen to become a special expanding symbol. This can lead to disStarting the same symbol on many drums, which gives huge winnings.


Regarding Bonus functions, Slot Book of Dead has to offer Free Spins when the book symbol will appear as scatter, 3 or more symbols anywhere on the drums to run the Free Spins function.

In addition to won in the amount of 2, 20 or 200 times of your rate, you will enter the holy room where you will be awarded 10 free speed.

During this function, 3 distributed book symbols should be watched, which will give you another 10 free turns. In this way you will get 20 free spins. In fact, you can run them on infinity to get an unlimited number of free spins.

More importantly, a symbol that will work as a special extension symbol is prior to the start of the function. If you find this symbol on several drums, it can bring you huge winnings. Here are potential prizes that you can get if you can put this symbol on all 5 drums:

Maximum symbol win

Q, j the 10 100 x win rate

K or A 150 x winning rate

Horus Anubis 750 x rate

Ozyrys 2.000 x rate

Rich Wilde 5.000 x Rate

If you hit Rich Wilde as a high-value symbol, you can win the maximum jackpot available in the Book of Dead slot, 5,000 x stake.

Expanding symbol

This feature is only available during the round of free spins, so only after getting three or more Scatter Book of Dead symbols you can see it in action. Before you still take your first turn from the set that shared the game, the same Book of Dead will randomly choose one symbol that will become your expansion symbol.

Each time the symbol selected by the game will land on the drums (minimum 3) and will be part of the combination, the function will start. This symbol will expand and cover all the drums on which it is from top to bottom. This of course means a growing number of combinations available on a game board that will fill your pockets.

Gamble function

There is a Gamble function yet. You will run it on each win and it depends on you whether you will Start to increase your win or not.

How it's working?

On the screen you see a card that is directed down.

After both sides there are buttons to choose the color of the card (red or black) or its color (hearts, Karo, Peak, Trefl).

If you guess the color well, you double your win. If you look well - you double your win.

But if you guess badly, you will lose everything.

RTP and variability on the Book of Dead slot

RTP Legendary Slot Book of Dead Start N 'Go is 96.21%. This means that 96.21% of the influence from the game goes to the Starter's pocket. The remaining 3.79% represent House Edge, i.e. how much house, or casino, in which we decide to Start, receives from our investment.

Stationary casinos do the same with their own house Edge, so this is not a new concept.

When it comes to the variability of the game, Book of Dead Slot ranks in a high portion of the volatility spectrum / volatility. Thus, the winnings appear less frequently than in other games, and when they appear, they are greater than other than lower variability games.

But do not be fooled. In practice, Book of Dead reacts very well to higher plants put on her. So, if you put a higher bet, there are a bit more chances that you will land with winning than if you bet a lower plant. So Book of Dead actually favor the brave when they are giving away.

Most, if not All casinosWhich offer this game will allow you to Start Book of Dead Slot for free whenever you want. When you decide to Start in Book of Dead Slot for Start Money, of course you also choose that you will not earn a penny on it. Because to earn money, you have to spend them, Starting for free you only have a chance to test all the functions, so it's worth going a few times for a darmo to see if it's a slot for you !!!

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