Online casino games with the highest and lowest chance to win

Online casino games today are really refined, innovative and engaging in terms of gameStart and rules. However, what Starters really want from them, give them the greatest chance of winning. That's why they really Start these games.

So before you start Starting any online casino game, you need to check the percentage of payments. The percentage of RTP (Return to Starter) speaks a lot about the game, a lot about what is most interested in: about your chances for winning. RTP, as its name suggests, is a percentage that you will get back if you win. Let's say you Start with 96% RTP. This means that if you win, you will get 96% of what you have invested in the game, and 4% will be stopped by the game to contribute to its payment potential. So, if you have invested 100 credits in a 96% RTP game, you will get 96 credits back, and 4 other loans will remain as House Edge.

This leads us to a valid question: how to look for games with the best and worst odds (courses? Chance for winning? Payment factor) Well, you should look for games with the lowest home advantage or the highest RTP. Different types of online casino games They give different RTP, which means that some of them have better and worse courses than others.

Video Poker

As a casino Starter online, outside variants of poker At the table, you will also have video poker options to discover. These are games that are similar to video poker machines that can be found on the dance floors in stationary casinos, which are usually recommended to all beginner Starters. They are something like training machines that will prepare you for a big game. But they are also quite fun and awarding to the game, because they arrive with a really low advantage of the house.

Believe or not, you will find video poker variants as popular Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better, which will appear from House Edge only 0.5%! If you Start your hands well, it means that you can get 99.5 credits for a 100 credit bet. Add to this fact that this is a game of quite simple principles that you can master in a second, and the fact that video poker is extremely popular in online casinos and you have your winner!


Blackjack is a table game with the best courses, no doubt. This is an online casino game that has the lowest home advantage compared to other table games. From House Edge, which is from 1% to 1.5% in different variants, this means that this is a game that would offer RTP at about 99%. To consult our previous example, this means that for a 100 credit plan, if you win, you will receive about 99 credits back, and only 1 loan will be preserved by the game.

Now, not all variants are so generous, but most of them are. if you are New in blackjack, Bet, start Starting normal blackjack versions. It not only has the best RTP, but also your chances of mastering it and the maximum use is much larger than in any other variant. To master the game, you would have to use the basic blackjack strategy and have control over your bankroll. If you Start well, Blackjack can be the most satisfying game you've ever Started.


The bacarat is considered one of the most sophisticated games found on landline casino dancing. Usually, it Starts with high plants, which is why it gives the most colossal winnings. But do you know that the online bacarat has one of the most amazing RTP? The average house Edge, which can be found in various variants of Bakarata, is about 1.5%, which is much lower than in other games, outside the video poker and blackjack, which can really be offered.

For such a popular game, The bacarat is actually quite easy to master the game. Everything boils down to betting for three bet options: draw, Starter and banker. You must bet on whether any of these three bets will win, and that's all. Of course, newer and more addictive variants, based on a classic bakarata game, which also allow various side plants, but regardless of the selected variant, just use a strategy that suits your budget and you will see that you will win a few great prizes. Because hey, courses are on your side!


Now, saying that Poker is a third game with the best courses is a broad statement. There are various variants of poker, with various RTP, but those who would give you the best payment of three cards. This variant usually comes from 98.5% RTP, which is excellent, especially considering how easy it is to start and Start.

Based on Texas Hold'em, Poker Three Card offers fast gameStart, a lot of shares and great withdrawals. As long as you know the basic poker strategy and you have the best hand in poker with three cards that have been given to you, you will Start three cards. All you have to do is learn the ranking of poker cards for memory, and easily master the rules of the game. Fun will start right!


As in the case of poker, there are also many roulette variants from which you can choose and Start, and each of them has a different course. However, the main difference with which Starters meet when choosing a variant, is whether they want to try European or American roulette.

The difference between them lies in a double zero. The American roulette is a variant with a double zero, while the European is a single zero. Now this distinction is important not only in terms of gameStart, but also in terms of payment. Having a different number to which you can put, significantly increases the advantage of the casino. So, if you are looking for a roulette variant to try, make sure you go to the European roulette. This variant gives the average RTP 97.3% because it comes from House Edge 2.7%. On the other hand, an American variant has 5.26% house Edge.

When it comes to gameStart, you probably know that it is about making a plant for a color, number or group of numbers before the ball turns into the roulette wheel. The one who guys a proper place in the wheel, where he lands the ball, the right number, will receive a payment as stated in the payout table.


If you're a slot Starter, you already know that to Select the appropriate game slot, from hundreds of thousands of titles, you must check RTP, this is the principle. But if you are a new Starter on the slot, you should know that all slots are equipped with another RTP. That's why they are on the last position on our list.

Some people consider them to casino games with the worst courses, but some believe that their courses are rather satisfactory. Starters in one-armed bandit know that they can find RTP titles at 98.86% or higher. But they also know that there are also machines that come from RTP at just 88.12%.

Slots are the easiest games because nothing really depends on you. There is no real strategy that would help you win because the results are generated using RNG (Random Number Generator). Nobody really knows what every spin can bring. But one thing is certain: you improve your chances of winning, putting the most loans. That is why it is so important to look for a slot that has at least an average RTP rate 96%. Sure, happiness can be on your side, but it's better to be safe than to regret, especially when you check the payment you have from yours Happy spin.

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