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You can not deny that Blackjack is one of the best and most preferred table games that can enjoy both on the Internet and in a traditional casino. We have all seen how exciting it can be both in the film and in real life if you visited a real place, not to mention lucrative for your bank account.

Movies with blackjack, such as "21", "Kac" and "Rain Man" are an excellent showcase of how everything can develop during the game. One of the features of the common majority of scenarios is that the main characters have the necessary knowledge and skills before entering the game. Quite often happens that many Starters believe that they can start Starting and become professionals in one moment. Well, this is not so easy and there are things to take into account that otherwise they can turn into very costly mistakes in blackjack for you.

One thing is that you are an observer on the side and a completely different experience when you are part of the game.

Blackjack It is - above all - a strategic card game. Happiness certainly Starts a role during the game, but it's your skills as a card's Starter will make you finish at the top or you give up pressure. In blackjack, regardless of whether you Start on one of the web casino sites, live or in the RNG version, each of your movement will have a special meaning that will depend on the situation.

In the following text, we will look in detail the most popular blackjack errors that can cost you more than a few zlotys.

Choosing Blackjack insurance

Taking into account insurance is one of the most common mistakes in Blackjack's Starter strategy and it is rarely worth considering, not to mention what you are doing. This function becomes available when the Discovered Croupier card is AS. In the event that he has a hypothetical blackjack, paying half the amount of the plant for insurance, if you lose, it will cover your losses at 2: 1.

However, statistically proved that a statistically chance for making a blackjack by dealer is 9: 4. If you do quick calculations, you will realize that in the long run, in reality you would lose more from insurance than if you pass them. So next time you find yourself in this situation, think about it from a wider perspective and just do not go for it because it is not worth it.

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Selecting a 6: 5 table

This is one of the bugs in blackjack, which can cost you even before the first card is handed over. Usually, a blackjack table layout, which you will encounter, pays from 3 to 2, but in recent years casino Quietly changed the aspect ratio for 6 to 5. It's easy to confuse and fill, especially if you're a beginner Starter. 6 That's more than 3, which is why it is better. We understand this. However, reality is different. There is a reason why he is considered one of the most common mistakes in Blackjack's strategy.

Let's do a simple conversion here and use an example for better imagination. Suppose you put 100 zlotys. With a 3 to 2 ratio, you would get a payment worth 150 aud for blackjack. The same scenario, but with a ratio of 6 to 5, you will get 120 zlotys. This happens because the difference in proportions also changes the advantage of the table. Typically, Blackjack tables have a home advantage of 0.5% to 1%, which is the amount of the plant that takes the casino. This change of the coefficient adds an additional 1.5%, which gives less money for you and more for the casino.

However, you are not the only one who suffers from bad courses. The dealer also loses. Most of his tips have the form of plants and when his tip falls to an uneven number because of the ratio of 6 to 5, which in most cases is, if you give a bet in height 1 as a tip when you get a blackjack, instead of getting 1.20 how should he get only 1 . This is because the casino does not have tokens for small amounts like pennies. The table courses are usually given on a plate or something similar. If not, ask the dealer. If you do not find a 3 to 2 table, leave the casino and proteus before making one of the biggest mistakes in blackjack.

Selecting "Pause * Stand * on 12" when the Blackjack Croupier will show 2 or 3

Here, a wise move would be to choose * hit * instead of waiting. Here's why. If you ask Most people, they will tell you that the reason for decisions are the chances of failure. In addition, the cards from 2 to 6 are often called "Cards to beat the dealer". Why? Because it is very likely that the dealer exceeds 21. Pause on 12, the dealer probably avoids the possibility of losing.

There are several mathematical scenarios that you should follow and this is the general principle that you should hold.

If your sum is 13, when the croupier shows either 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, the correct move would be to stop because you would not like to deprive him of the fall. In addition, at 12 and cards 4, 5 and 6, the right move would also be suspended. However, with 2 or 3, it is better to choose. Certainly there are cards in the waist that will work against you and destroy your hand. However, there are twice as many cards that will improve it.

Pause on 16, when the croupier will show ASA

Another error in blackjack, where it seems logical, while in reality the chances are a bit bigger if you choose. It is very likely that you will lose here because each card higher than 5 will make your hand breaking the eyelet. Here you strive to lose less for a long run, unlike a short run. With ASów show, the probability of loser is now much larger. In fact, it's not only in this scenario, where you will have to hit if you get stuck on 16. For every card, which has 7 or more points on the dealer side, it is recommended that you are good, instead of standing.

Do not forget that in this case, even if you most likely lose, we are talking about loss less money in the general gameStart. On the margins, some casinos offer the so-called "Submission" option. It allows you to resign from hand and restore the half of the plant after distributing the initial cards. If this is the case, you have a hard 16 (without ASA) and fight 9, 10 or ASEM, take advantage of it.

Selecting Pause - Stand on Mieckie 17 - Soft 17

This is one of the more frequently encountered errors in the Blackjack strategy and the Gold Principle in the Manual. Never stand onto the soft 17. First, in the SOFT 17 game refers to a combination of ASA, appreciated on 11 and 6. now it may seem that this hand is good enough that you can hold on it and understand why yes is. However, reality is a bit different and you can lose a lot of money on the table than by choosing.

You can think about the perspective of the dealer and casino. The dealers must choose to have a soft 17, because it increases the advantage of the house, and thus the profit of the casino. If more profitable for the game place is to choose to have a soft 17-tke, why would it not be the same from the Starter's perspective?

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Do not Start Double on 11.

Doubling the rate refers to the process of doubling your initial bet, in exchange for which you will receive one more card. The general principle is to always double the stake at 11, because there is a very big chance that you can get 10 from the waist and get blackjack. There is one exception in which you should not double the rates and this is a case when the croupier shows ASA, which means a soft hand from 17.

Table setting for blackjack

Here's the principle that you should ask when choosing a table. Some casinos require that the dealer reached with a soft 17, while others require to stop. If you know that hit will come, then you should double the stake. If the croupier is to stand, the Starter should choose in the usual way. Each expert from Blackjack will tell you this - if you have a choice - always go to the table at which the dealer is to stop onto the soft 17. Your chances as a Starter will be a bit better.

Decision not to choose Soft 18 when the Croupier will show 9 or 10.

Holding 18 is a decent hand. This is a good sum, and the chances of improving such a hand are not too big. It has been proven, however, that you lose more money on a long run if you decide to stop than good. You should always consider the possibility that the dealer can take a card that would make his hand better than yours and lose, as it is in case 9 or 10.

It was calculated that if the croupier has 9, there are about 38% chance that the hidden card will be either an ASEM or a decade. The same works on the other side. It does not matter how nice it can be 18, do not risk your game abstaining. Take a risk, decide on the Dobrani and avoid making one of the biggest mistakes in Blackjack

Couple choosing a decision 4 when the croupier will show 5 or 6

The Basic Blackjack Strategy Principle Manual orders to never separate 4, 5 and 10. As you probably noticed, there is also an exception. This is related to the dealer's hand. If he holds 5 or 6, one of the main mistakes in blackjack would not divide 4. People think that it would be best to choose because the chances of piercing the eyes do not exist, regardless of what card would happen.

However, with 5 or 6 in hand against you, the dealer is more willing to lose. In such scenarios you would like to Start as many hands before him, because it will increase your chances of profit and get a larger amount of money in the entire game.

You decided not to separate the aces

This is one of the bugs in blackjack online, which can cost you a lot. If you have a pair of aces, this can be a fairly weak hand. What could you do with two or twelve? It is quite useless. However, if we divide them into two separate hands, we can potentially have a few powerful hands that can knock down the dealer on your knees.

Statistically speaking, there is a 31% chance that you will get 10 from the waist, which would immediately convert your hand in Blackjack. This is the best scenario we are talking about. There are still many other options that could change your hand in win. Do not reject the possibility of hitting the dealer and casino where they hurt the most.

Deciding for 10-tk separation

The last of our errors presented during the game in the eye / blackjack is often committed and quite serious - when you get a pair 10. As in the case of the division of aces, many blackjack Starters believe that the division 10, especially when the dealer has a card covered in the range from 2 Up to 6, he would give him a greater chance of winning because of more hands in the game. However, this is a small difference.

Couple 10 is already 20 of 21 needed to blackjack. This is quite a difficult hand to overcome, and the statistics confirm this claim. A small difference between these two scenarios is huge in favor of not dividing and shows that if the Starter separates them, he looks at the estimated loss of 53 aud for every 100 bet.

These are just some of the biggest mistakes during the Blackjack game, what Starter can make in their strategy. The truth is that for every beginner Starter absolute necessity is to take time and getting acquainted with the basic principles of the game. We recommend that even more experienced Starters have never stopped reading and learn because you never know what minor changes in the strategy can cause loss for you or more win.

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