Casino account verification

To successfully Start on the page successfully and safely online casino, You must verify your account. You can not simply enter and start Starting, expecting nobody to question your identity or age.
In fact, identity verification is one of the key conditions that operators must meet, in accordance with the guidelines of global regulators.

Operators must confirm whether you are in a gambling, whether you are what you give and whether you have not been excluded from Gambling online.
These are the three main reasons why you have to verify your online casino account. If you still have doubts, stay with us because we will discuss the entire verification process in detail.

Why is your account verification?

Account verification, as we just explained, is an integral legal requirement that the operator must fulfill before receiving a license for online casino. However, this is a simple process, even if it seems tiring and unnecessary for some.
This is a way that the operator confirms that you are a person for which you are given and that you have at least 18 years or more, depending on age limits applicable in your jurisdiction. Providing the required documents confirming your age and identity not only will allow operators to do their job, but also will be used for your own benefits. In this way, you will be safe from fraud and money laundering, and your personal and financial data will remain intact.
Now, when it comes to the time needed to complete the verification process, it will differ depending on the site. It can last just a few minutes or even a few days. This depends on whether you have the required documents at your fingertips and how fast you can provide them with the operator to check and verify them.

In most cases, it is required to present basic identity documents that you certainly have in your pocket or purse. Therefore, you should not worry about the processing time.
When it comes to its meaning, account verification is crucial. In fact, if you come across a website that will never ask for identity documents, know that something is suspected of this site.

Each single duly licensed site would ask for identity verification, so if the page you currently Start is never, make sure you are considering joining another one. This is probably a site that works without a license, or in other words, illegally, which means that your data and money are not safe with it.

At what moment are identity documents required?

Whether with registration or when paying, at some point you will have to present identity documents. It is absolutely obligatory. But this will depend on the operator when it will be the right moment to present them, as well as from the regulator, because different jurisdictions have different rights and principles when it comes to verification of the account.

The strictest regulatory authorities require that this procedure is carried out as early as possible, and therefore at the time of registration. After entering all required personal data, you will have to provide identity documents that will match the data and confirm that you are what you are on.

This is part of the procedure known as Know Your Customer (KYC), which is a preliminary verification process, through which you must go to the operator to check your age, surname and address.
If this is not required for registration, identity documents will definitely be required when paying. After you Started and won money, you would like to pay them. But when you start the withdrawal procedure, you will be asked to send identity documents so that the operator can confirm your identity and send money to the right person. Again, due to counteracting money laundering and for security reasons, you must provide these documents, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.

However, casinos have the right to ask for identity documents if they notice unusual actions on your account, such as changing the payment pattern. If the casino starts to suspect that you have a gambling problem or run criminal activities, the operator has the right to ask for identity verification at this point. So you can be sure that the casino monitors your actions and creates a profile based on your gambling habits. If only something suspicious is happening, remember that the casino will know about it.

What documents should be presented?

The list of required documents to verify identity will vary depending on the page. But when registration, light, soft identity control will be in the game.

You should just be asked to confirm whether you are 18 years old or more and give your name and your email address. Sometimes the operator can even ask you to send a photo. At this point, even a selfie would be enough.
Now that time will come for a real, full identity verification, make sure you're ready. At this point you would have to deliver scan of your passport, ID card or driving license. These will be necessary documents known as the aged evidence.
The casino also will also ask you to present bills for media, not older than, for example, three or six months. Every tax bill, Bank Extract, a electricity or telephone bill can serve as an ad-date proof.
Finally, the casino can ask you about the scan of a banking lift or credit / debit card, the one you used to pay, as proof of the payment method.

Nevertheless, you will not be kept in uncertainty. The casino will have an explained all procedure on the KYC website, in the regulations or on the payment page. It can even give a link under which the full list of required documents will be disStarted to facilitate navigation. Some casinos ask for scanning documents, others allow you to take pictures with your smartphone. Anyway, please send them properly or load on the indicated address or field, and whenever they are verified and approved, you will be able to use your online casino account without any obstacles.

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