Texas Holdemu

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Texas Holdem is certainly the most popular online poker game. In this game, also known as Hold'em, you can Start in almost all casinos and gambling centers around the world. Big events, such as World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker They popularized this beautiful game variety. Many people know its principles, and millions around the world are happy to Start with it.

Introducing online poker in the late nineties very easily influenced the popularity of Texas Hold'em varieties. Actually, she was the first variation of the game offered by Websites to Start poker. Today there are many different variants of online poker, but none of them can match Texas Hold'em popularity.

Before you start Starting Texas Hold'em, we advise you to familiarize yourself with its principles. We also offer explanation of the principles of other poker varieties (eg Caribbean Stud Poker). You can read them in part of the page devoted to the game principles to familiarize yourself with the exciting world of poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker is available in 3 different versions: Texas Hold'em Limit, No Limit Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Texas Hold'em.

Limit Texas Holdem

Starting in the Texas Hold'em limit, plants and their conquering takes place according to Fixed limits. For example, four bets are allowed in each round of betting. In two other variants Texas Hold'em (No Limit and Pot Limit) there are no principles limiting the number of bets / constraints.

No Limit Texas Hold’em

The maximum bet is determined by the number of chips. Starters put and conquer any plants at any time. A conquered bet must be equal to the previous plant placed in the same round or higher than it.

Explanation of Pot Limit Texas Hold'em

This game is similar to No Limit Texas Hold'em. There is only one difference in terms: the maximum bet is determined by the number of chips in the pot.

Forcing betting in Texas Holdem

The Texas Hold'em Poker game begins with extortion rates. These plants put on the first two Starters sitting to the left of the dealer. They put the amount determined before the cards. The forced rate is a security that every hand will Start for each hand. The first Starter on the left of the dealer puts a bet, which is called Small Blind. Most often it is half the minimum plant. The next Starter from the left puts the "Big Blind" bet, which is equal to the minimum bet. These activities are called forcing plants.

Handing cards in Texas Hold'em

In Texas Hold'em, a small album called "Button" indicates which Starter should hand out cards in a given round. Each Starter will get two covered cards (Hole Card) and their values Starters maintain secret.

Texas Hold'em rules regarding the ranking of cards on hand

Card Ranking of cards on hands (from the strongest to the weakest)
Royal pokerAS, king, lady, walet and dozens in the same color. In the case of a tie: Starters share a win in the pot.
Poker5 cards in the same color .remis: Wins the above-point sequence.
Caret4 Systems Same Figures 1 additional card.remis: Wins the carriage of stronger cards.
Full3 The same figures two other the same figures.remis: they win the three strongest cards.
Colour5 cards in the same color. Arremis: Wins a Starter with the strongest highest card. If they are equal, check the second card in order, then the third, etc.
StraightFive consecutive cards.remis: Wins the strongest card, not including ASA.
TroikaThree same figures 2 additional cards.remis: Wins the strongest three.
Two couplesTwo same figures another pair of two other, the same figures and an additional card.remis: Wins the strongest couple. If the pairs have the same value, check the second one. If and they are the same, the strongest additional card wins.
In order toTwo same figures three additional cards.remis: Wins the strongest couple. If Starters have the same pairs, you should compare the first additional card, and also a second and third one if necessary.
High cardAll other combinations! Draw: Compare the second strongest card, then the third, etc.

Here is the full sequence of cards from the strongest (AS) to the weakest (2).

Before folding the cards (pre-flop)

After handing out the covered cards, the voice takes the first Starter on the left from the Starter who put the Big Blind establishment. As a third person putting a bet, he can double the height of the Big Blind plant (raise). It must do this before handing out more cards. Other Starters can check the cards, fold or conquer (again).

Texas Hold'em Poker rules - explanation of card linings (flop)

Three discovered cards are distributed. We call this covering of common cards. 3 cards on the table can use all active Starters. We call them with shared cards.

Fourth shared card (Turn)

After placing betting in the round of cardding, the fourth shared card will be discovered on the table. In the game in Texas Hold'em, this card is called "Turn". The game begins the first active Starter to the left from the "Button" album. In this hand, the plants doubles from the Small Blind plant to the Big Blind plant. If you are Starting at 2au$ / 4au$ table, betting in this round is conquered to 4zl.

Fifth Common Card (River)

After placing betting after handing out the fourth shared card, the Piata shared card goes to the table. Placing betting again starts with a Starter sitting to the left from the "Button" album. In this hand, the same rules apply as in the "Turn" hand.

Last phase game in Texas Hold'em: Discovery of cards (show down)

If at least two active Starters remained after the last round of betting in the game, the time to discover the card! The first card reveal a person who as the last bet or raised his height. If no plants were created in the last hand, the cards are first revealed a Starter sitting to the left from the "Button" album. The money in the pool wins the Starter with the strongest cards.

In the game in Texas Hold'em, all colors have the same value. So, if Starters have cards with the same figures, the pool will be divided. After granting the prize, Starters can start another hand. The "Button" disc moves clockwise clockwise to the next Starter.

We hope that our explanation of the Texas Hold'em Poker principles will help you successful in the online casinos game and use our bonus Increase chances of winning!

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