Online casino cheated me where to report it

It's time to collect evidence

If the online casino behaves suspect, it is best to start collecting evidence to make the power to prove unethical behavior. Maybe it will never be necessary (we keep our fingers crossed) but it's better to prevent than heal.

Among the evidence that can be presented in the case of with power or licensing entity are:

  • Authentic screenshots with user names.
  • E-mail messages.
  • Chat history with customer service.
  • Transaction history.

Of course, the rules vary depending on the user's country and the Casino Regulator.

First of all: Talk to the Customer Service Department

Before you take a step and you make a notification worth the credit of the Influence of the Casino Online. Therefore, before going to any organ, team Casino Bonuses Recommends a conversation with the Customer Service Department.

Starters would be surprised how many problems can be solved using a 5-minute chat.

By ing the Customer Service Office, you must provide the case, present evidence and, if possible, list all relevant laws, or sub-objects of the Regulations that refer to our case. In this step, the Bonuses casino team recommends leaving the defense on the side and using a telephone line as soon as it is available or chat where we can live a conversation

the regulated entity

One of the nightmares of every gambler: online casino does not respond to our s and it seems that he wants to stop money in a dishonest manner. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience in working with such difficult operators, which is why we recommend keeping peace and go directly to the regulator if there is actually the attempt to get a description on nothing and lack of response or cheating for amicable settlement.

It should be remembered that the seal of regulatory authorities usually appear at the bottom of the Casino websites and share a list of the most well-known entities:

  • UK Gaming Commission.
  • Maltese Game Office. Mg
  • Curaçao Gaming Commission.
  • Spanish Game Office.

Preparing the case against the regulator
A moment of truth came. At this point, each Starter's interested Starter should have sufficient or at least a lot of evidence, including screenshots, messages and chatons to properly report a dishonest operator.

Regulatory authorities are very serious about the complaints about the subject on entities who have issued licenses, which is why they are asking for the following information:

  • Personal data of the injured (name, surname, identification number, country, username).
  • The name of the online casino against which the complaint was submitted.
  • A casino game in which a problem occurred.
  • Sum of money in a dispute.
  • Date in which these events occurred.
  • A description of what happened in this case.
  • Evidence in attachments

The fuller report, the better. Regulators have several user-acceptance channels, including internet form and physical address.

Regulatory authorities work hard to solve all complaints, although the answer may take a few weeks. The casino bonuses explains that you should not lose strong nerves or behave unkulturally, arm yourself with patience as a reply, sometimes it can just take a little time, although we know that this is not an ideal layout. What may help you pay attention to the matter directly on the websites of regulatory authorities and attaching more evidence on request.

After a thorough study, the controller may come to one of these conclusions:

In favor of the applicant:
The regulator determines the date on which the online casino has to compensate for the rights of the injured party. If the casino does not comply with the regulations, it can have serious trouble.

For the casino:
It is possible that this is not a well-justified case. We emphasize here again as important is to collect and present the necessary evidence, if only we will start feeling that we can have a problem

Transfer to the competent authority:
Sometimes the regulator is not entitled to mediation on certain contractual issues, so it can refer the case to a specialist court.

Applying a complaint due to the lack of evidence:
In short, one of the worst results. That is why it is very important to have the greatest support to support this matter.

In short, it shows what you should do if we used a licensed casino and we feel cheated, we can not pay money, our win has not been recognized and the casino avoid s or intentionally and without any bases of avoiding payment of the funds due to us.

The casino band bonuses will monitor casino situations offered on our pages and monitors web forums to avoid promoting casinos that behave dishonestly in relation to Starters so you can feel safely choosing one of the casinos promoted on our pages!

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