The most famous superstitions of gamblers

What are the superstitions?

Well, this is the belief that there are gestures, words, objects ... which have the power to attract a good or evil fate.

You do not have to be a great believer in the existence of magic or external entities affecting the purpose, all you have to do is in the face of a situation that worries you or if you want to achieve something, you can get personal or popular convictions. Who does not blame your fingers at some point to attract happiness?

casino It's good places to watch various superstitions, because these are places where we all try to attract happiness to your hands. At the table where the ball for roulette rotates more slowly, it is very likely that Starters will repeat some words, touch the amulet in your pocket or simply beg to stop in a chosen place.

What are the most common casino superstitions:

  • The rabbit's studio: Well, this superstition has existed for more than twenty-centuries and so that it can be well made and, it will work, requires that the krolisko paw, in question, was the left back and was worn in the back pocket. In addition, according to our online research, a rabbit must be borne by a person with cross-eyed eyes, whose birthday coincides with Halloween and which remains unmarried. Other amulets that can be found in a superstitious Starter pocket are four-leaf clover or horseshoe.

  • Lucky Lovely, Pechowiec in Gambling: Because of this old saying many Starters never accompanies their partners in the casino.

  • Number of thirteen: This superstition was created during the Saint Supper, where there were thirteen participants and one of them enabled the capture of Jesus Christ. However, there are those who choose it as their favorite number, precisely because it is so unpopular. Other numbers are also considered happy or not and in fact vary considerably depending on culture.

  • Starting the same table or sitting on the same chair: it often happens that someone who was lucky wants to repeat the script to find him in the same place. You repeat the scenario to recreate the moment you have won. Here we could put people who assume the same things that were wearing during the last big win (sock, shirt, etc.)

  • The colors that attract happiness: Gold and red are favorite colors of Starters, also green. On the other hand, yellow is not usually welcome.

  • Touching wood (Touch Wood): a widespread gesture, although tables and chairs have wooden legs and seem to be inappropriate.

  • Submission of a wish, a good example is to be chased that if you drop the eyelash: you can ask your hand winning.

  • Throw the cubes, leaning on the right leg.

  • Having two pendants in Texas Hold'em: This is a combination of cards considered bad luck.

  • Having three sixts: 666 is a number that some texts and popular beliefs attribute devil.

  • Sitting on the cross. No! You provide a barrier for good luck (and it's bad for circulates). Parallel legs are a significant requirement in casinos.

We preferred much superstitions and we are sure that we leave a little behind you. It is obvious that a man always tried to influence the case through his own energy, even though he does, knowing that everything could happen (that's why the game is exciting).

But people who think of victory or a lost result of the casino superstition, this is undoubtedly the Chinese: for various reasons, we will devote a separate section for various reasons, because they have a lot and strictly observe (important casino in Las Vegas had to modify their main entrance, shaped Lion's muzzle because Chinese Starters did not dare to Start after it was exceeded).

  • Frogs: Chinese believe that frogs are good and they are happy that men win. And also that they attract happiness, so it's easy to find a small zbie amulets and often a living creature in the pockets of the Chinese Starter.

  • Number eight and four: the first is happiness, and the other is a bad, very bad fate.

  • Red color: usually wear some clothes in this color, because according to their tradition, it attracts happiness and a fortune.

  • Touching the arm of someone who Starts: do not do it! According to them, it brings great bad luck.

We are sure that Starters in online casino also have their exaggeration and repeats some gestures or words observing the development of the game on the screen of your phone and monitor: additionally the whole team casino-bonuses He hopes that reading this article will bring you a lot of happiness!

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