Twitch and Youtube streases Biggest winnings

Excitement related to the online casino game is one, broadcasting her live so that others can see how much you win, what else. With technological progress, many new trends appeared on the internet, and one of them is streaming your games and in particular what applies to this article streaming yours Casino Games on Slots.

It seems that this trend became madness and is not close to the end. Starters love to share their experiences with others and continue Starting with their favorite games on platforms that allow you to transfer live video on such platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Starter Casino OnlineWho is sharing their great ones from around the world, USA, Germany Finland, Serbia, and even Australia. That's why you can join online casinos and send your great winnings. But first worth checking a few of the biggest winnings published in 2022 by Starters from around the world and see how much you can win and which game can provide you with the highest win.

The Mega Win na Dead or Alive 2

Dead Or Alive 2 is Sequel Mega-Hitu Netent Dead Or Alive. Its won potential is 2,500x rate, if you bring to landing 5 scatters symbols, and if you go through a free spins bonus game, you can win over 100,000x rate.

It seems that Jamjarboy was so close to this withdrawal as much as possible. The Starter managed to run one of the three free spins modes, the highest payment, High Noon. He landed on Wilds and Wild Multipliers and continued to receive Super Mega Win withdrawals.

Wilds were frozen on the screen and continued to land new winnings to get to huge withdrawals and for a really small plant in the amount of 9 €. He won over 12,000 spin coins to turn, and in total he managed to get 73,516 coins, which translated into an amazing payment of 43,098 €.

Mammoth Win na Primal Megaways

Blueprint Gaming's Primal Megaways has created many great winners in two years after its release. It is a slot that can provide up to 50.000x rate for a small plant in the amount of 10 € if you start the right functions.

The biggest winnings appear during free spins. It is then that you get multipliers to 6x, which can dune each other! The maximum multiplier can remain 120x!

Two Britons Starting on this amazing slot managed to win 16.200 € for a plant 5.00 €. They managed to land so much matching symbols at once, and thanks to Megaway Mechanics, these symbols counted on 25.920 ways to win. Both Starters won their Mammoth wine when they were least expecting it, without the concept of what and how all this really happened. They were shocked as you can see after their reaction.

Crazy Time for Crazy Wins!

Who says only slots can give huge winnings? Have you tried Evolution Gaming's Live Casino game Crazy Time? This is not your usual live game in poker, blackjack or roulette. No, this is a television game in a show style that has a huge wheel of Fortuna, which turns the dealer and from which you win cool prizes. You can run four bonus rounds, coin clip, cash hunting, pachinko bonus or Crazy Time bonus round.

Each of these rounds offers its own game in which you must Start, but the most exciting and the most satisfaction is of course the last one.

During Slotgentel's game, he passed himself and managed to run the Crazy Time bonus round. This is where you can win prizes to 20,000x rate. The wheel stopped first on a double field. Then it stopped on a 1,000x multiplier. Final score of rotation? Well, honestly won 8.008 euros! This is a big win in a casino live game, and which is worth mentioning, given that it has been achieved with multipliers and a small plant.

Money Train 2!

According to what has been presented, Starters from around the world refer their great victories. The German Starter also captured his huge win on the camera. We could not understand what he said, but we certainly understood the game he Started and how he managed to pay his win.

He Started in Relax Gaming's Money Train 2 Slot, Slot known for bringing huge winnings. With the scope of plants from € 0.20 to € 25, this amazing slot can withdraw a 20,000x rate. Check the explosive win of a German Starter.

He managed to put the symbols that he launched the game bonus, where every symbol has its own assigned functions. Each symbol or provides award multiplier or is equipped with an additional function that will take you to the most amazing winnings.

The Starter managed to land the symbol which allows you to receive an additional reel and the prize. Thanks to this, he got a chance to land more symbols, with additional functions or prizes.

You could see fortunately after his side, the German Starter managed and total payment reached 3,563 €!

Rise of Merlin provides a magical victory!

Start'n Go's Rise of Merlin has now become an increasingly popular slot, although he was released last year. It can be placed in bets from 0.10 to 100 euros, but it can provide payment to 5,000 times a bet on the rate.

His magic appears when you start Free turn.

There are no restrictions on how many times you can run them again. Streamer on the CasinolandStreaming channel can certainly guarantee you. This guy had one of the longest moments on the edge, and one of the most interesting video streams we saw.

This happy Starter managed first to run 8 Free Spins, with a white dragon as a special expansion symbol. Before you start Free Spins, a random symbol becomes a span symbol, and who has been randomly chosen for this Starter, was a white dragon. The White Dragon is the third best paid symbol in this game, hence a huge win at the end of the round.

What happened is the fact that the Starter continued landing scatterters and restarting free Spins received many developing special symbols during these turnovers.

Special extension symbols have changed with each of them. He landed on the screen filled with q symbols, which were then special symbols expanding, and in the meantime on the screen filled with white dragons.

He completed the game in 44 free spins with an owl as a special expansion symbol, which is the fourth best paid symbol. When the free turnover ended, in the end, as we can add, the Starter won 15.245 coins. This translates into a 1.525x rate, which means 3,049 € for a branch by 2 €! What a fart! He waited a few minutes to see the final result!

Battle Maidens: Kleopatra

1x2gaming released Battle Maidens: Cleopatra Slot with 1.024 ways to win in September 2022. And he gave a huge win. Slot can actually provide up to 10,000x won rate and is average variable. But thanks to many ways to win, Daskelelele or Jack became the happiest guy on YouTube that day.

Jacek, as you can see from his stream on Jack's Gambling Channel, managed to run free spins and reach 3x multipliers thanks to the functions involved. When a free turnover began, he managed to land three developing wildlife first.

He continued to create winning combinations that were tripled. So finally, FREE SPINS, its sum amounted to 2.938.95 €. Remember that he won so much putting only 1.50 euros!

Fruit Party

Pragmatic Start also released Fruit Party in 2022. This is a classic fruit slot with an unusual 7 × 7 grid, with the participation of Cluster Pays mechanisms.

In total, it can deliver an x5,000 rate and can be Started even for 100 € per spin. Starter from the Balkans, probably from Serbia, called Marko, while Starting on the Markoslots channel, showed the world that he gained a sensational sum of € 1,751,82. He Started a plant by 1.40 euros.

The winnings described were gained by real Starters and published on YouTube. If you do not believe it, you can find them on this platform and watch yourself. Games can not be falsified or manipulated because they all work on a random number generator. That is why these Starters, winners, could not fake their winnings in any way.

You also have a chance to win such amazing payments for really small plants. As a Australian Starter, you have hundreds of online casinos to which you can join and Start some of these or other games. Each spin can give you a huge win when you least expect it. In addition, you can Start your own currency, not in euros as you can see here. You do not have to do too much, the only thing you have to do is spinning and pause your breath until you get your own huge win! We keep our fingers crossed!

If you want to have chances for similar winnings, try happiness in one of the casinos recommended by our team


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