Las Vegas - Trivia and Casino Label!

What do you know about Vegas?

Las Vegas is a global gambling capital. The city is famous for tourists from numerous casinos, great hotels and fast weddings. Every year, Las Vegas visit millions of tourists, among them are not only ordinary citizens, but also show business shows and millionaires seeking a downward from everyday life.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

"What happened in Vegas, he stays in Vegas" This statement knows probably all who have ever visited the city of sin. And yet, many fun or interesting stories related to Las Vegas managed to go beyond the city's borders. In this article we present the most interesting ones:

  • Every year Las Vegas visits over 9 million people.
  • Seventeen from the twenty largest hotels in the United States is located in Las Vegas.
  • The famous Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth, which can be seen from the cosmos.
  • A billionaire and a visionary from the beginning of the 20th century - Howard Hughes - once a long time lived at the Desert Inn hotel that finally asked for leaving the rented room. As a result, Hughes bought a whole hotel.
  • When the famous vocalist Paul Anka Started for the first time in the casino in Las Vegas was still too young to be able to even legally enter the casino.
  • One of the most famous gangsters, Bugsy Siegel, called his "Flamingo" casino in honor of the long legs of his girlfriend who performed in Veags as a showgirl.
  • In the state of NEWAD, the requirement for each single-armed bandit offered a return on the Starter's investment (RTP) at an average level of a minimum of 75%.
  • Vegas Vic, famous for the whole world gigantic neon depicting a cowboy, which towers over Fremont Street to The largest mechanical neon on earth.
  • Even in 1870, camels were used as tractive animals.
  • One of the tourist attractions in Las Vegas is a "Startground with heavy construction equipment". Tourists can guide there for fun Bulldozers and excavators.
  • In tunnels under Las Vegas lives Over 1,000 people. These are mainly addicted Starters who have lost their own assets in casinos.
  • There are no clocks in casinos in Las Vegas. This is to prompt Starters for a long time in casinos.
  • For every 2.5 inhabitant Las Vegas falls one Single-headed bandit type.

If you want to get to know more curiosities about Vegas, look here more often because we will regularly publish new facts about this fascinating place here.

Casino label - 10 things that you better avoid

A casino visit can be a great fun even if you do not make you a millionaire. But it's better to stick to certain principles. Here are a few things you should avoid not to spend the evening spent in the casino.

  1. Inserted - maybe, flooded - never

This is no secret that many of us enjoy drinking a drink or two when they Start. Some casino They even serve free alcohol to their guests. There is nothing wrong with drinking in a casino if you know your boundaries. There is nothing fun in flooding in a casino corpse. In addition, such a prank will most likely mean the end of a visit to the gambling temple. The only "" is that you probably do not go to the exit. You will be able to count on the company of a few serious men belonging to the protection of the casino.

There is one more issue related to getting unconscious in the casino. Trust us, you will feel much greater fun when you remember the moment when you hit Jackpot and have become a millionaire.

  1. There is no team game here

Although the casino visit together with friends can be very pleasant, you have to remember about certain rules. There is no obstacles to cheer during the game, but remember that on poker tables there is no team game. You can, of course, stand close to the Starting friend and squeeze the thumbs tightly for him, but the role of the audience ends.

Remember that there is unacceptable to a friend's question what cards have when Starting poker. As in each case described here, you can try, but you will be aware that by such antics your adventure in the casino will end faster than you think.

  1. Expect your estimates and show respect

For the casino, each guest is valuable. Without them this business would not exist. But remember that the patience of hosts and their hospitality has their limits. Even if this is not your day and Fortuna evidently, you do not feel to remember that this is not the croup's fault. Therefore, it is senseless to discharge the frustration on people who are there to serve you and make your game.

Blaming the cassive staff for failing in the game may seem a good way to discharge the voltage, but trust us ... Even if you feel better for a moment, it will disappear after a few moments. However, you will end up standing before entering the casino and with irresistible feeling that you made a complete idiot.

  1. Not all funny jokes

A sense of humor is a feature from which you should be proud and to cherish, but do not forget that not every wit will appeal to the Casino Service. Although during the game you can talk and laugh, then try not to move such topics as:

  • counting
  • stacking of chips
  • A game to the company with other Starters
  • Romance with a dealer or crouper
  • the desire to carry out a swing after a loser

If you remember about these clickthrough topics, your jokes will surely make you the star of the evening in every casino.

  1. It's a casino, no lombard

You probably heard that Starters with the VIP status often have credit lines opened in casinos. If they lose more than they currently have with them, the casino will be happy to bear them money for a further game. Unfortunately (and perhaps fortunately) this option is available only to the richest customers who are permanent cassinates. If you just rinsed, do not count on a casino loan. Take this for a sign that it's time to come back home.

An attempt to set a watch in the pane of the watch after the grandfather will also do anything. The casinos accept many payment options as cash, credit cards, and even checks, but they are not lombardy and do not accept any "phantords" in exchange for chips.

  1. Do not be a nosy

There is nothing wrong with cutting a chat with other Starters. Starting on one-armed bandits you can find new friends, and maybe even love your life. However, if you are looking for a nice conversation, not impact in the face. Avoid your neighbor's questions about his / her balance of profits and losses.

There is no certainty that such questions are angry with the person who Starts next to you, but if the Fortuna does not conduct it, you can hear the answer that will not belong to the nicest.

  1. Do not get out of cash

We keep our fingers crossed so that each of our users won Millions in a casino. A huge jackpot gets somewhere every day. If this happiness has happened to you and suddenly you will become a lot richer, think about not taking cash. Consider a safer method of winning.

Each casino will be happy to send you to your account so that you do not have to leave the casino in the bodyguards. You can also take a check that will be much safer than circulation around the city with a suitcase full of money.

  1. End of betting

Although the casino personnel stands on his head to meet their guests wishes, sometimes you just have to submit to the released commands. Remember to always follow the commands issued by the dealer. If during you hear: "End of betting" (No More Bets) means that you can not bet anymore.

Do not try to bring bets after the mentioned command, because they will be backward and will not count even if the number indicates you.

  1. Do not advise

Each of us sometimes looks at other Starters and thoughts: "What does it work?" Sometimes you will notice people Starting a very strange way. Even if you know that this game will not bring your profits, refrain from "good" advice. Most Starters do not want to listen to them. They just want to Start as they like and draw with this joy.

On the other hand, do not be upset when someone advises you. If you do not want to follow such advicenor do they even listen to them, do not be upset and say something like: "Thanks for the Council, but I prefer to Start in my own way." There is no reason to get into discussions.

  1. Start for fun, not for earnings

Our last point could be at the same time first. This is the basic principle that everyone should stay casino.

When you are going to have fun in the casino, it should primarily care for a good time.

Remember that each casino game is a random game. There are no systems that will guarantee you win. Therefore, remember that when entering the casino you can lose. Only as much as you can spend on Start. Any loser can not affect your standard of living.

Above we presented you in our opinion the 10 most important points you need to remember spending a nice time in the casino. Some of them concerned labels, others refer to common sense. It depends on you whether you will want to use them. But we can assure you that this will certainly do not hurt.

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