Disadvantages and benefits of buying bonuses

Over the years, vending machines that ruled on stationary parquet casinos, they have developed very much.

There are completely new features that causes exciting and increase the potential of the game are invented each year. Developers are doing everything in their power to increase their commitment and allow Starters to enjoy what more interesting experiences in slots.

Somewhere along the way they created a Bonus BUY function (purchase of bonuses).

Actually, Big Time Gaming is considered the creator of this feature, a leading developer, which stands behind one of the most brilliant, innovative ideas when it comes to Slots, MasterMinda, which is always a popular Megaways mechanic.

Now other developers created their own versions of this function, but in a BTG Rabbit Slot, published in 2017, this is a feature registered under the name Feature Drop™. However, because many other developers use this function, it is popularly known as the Bonus BUY function.

The truth associated with this function is unfortunately / stets such that few Starters have the courage to use it. They do not have a certainty if she guarantees a win, whether they will actually improve their game chances for additional money, or it is simply something, for which you must additionally pay and nothing important for this we will not get in except for a few expensive "FREE SPINOWS.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to bring you closer to this feature and present possible advantages and disadvantages that you can by buying bonuses in Internet casinos Get that you can decide whether to activate it or not on the next turn.

What is the Bonus BUY function?

Online slots Since they have been introduced, they have developed very much.

While in the past they were mainly based on the basic combinations of matching symbols, today you have many ways to win by Starting in them. One of the most attractive and easier ways to win in contemporary video slots is the launch of a bonus game.

Bonus game can be anything from Free Spins to Bonus type fortune.

Nevertheless, it is a bonus game that will take you to win many better than those that you can create a basic game. To run a bonus game, you must hit three or more scatteres, collect a number of chips or special symbols, and sometimes even wilders. And to collect the necessary number, we usually have to do a lot, go through a lot of turnover.

Bonus BUY, so it is quite an obvious feature that allows you to reach the bonus faster, by buying a way to him. With this function you do not have to Start for hundreds of turns to get to the bonus, all you have to do is pay the amount that is much greater than your rate.

Typically, the price of the BONUS BUY function is from 50x to 100x rates, but there are slots where the price can be much, much larger, e.g. 750x rate. And this is the main topic in which the majority of controversy lies, it's worth it or not worth it.

Before we go to this, let's look at the pros and cons activation of the Bonus BUY function. After getting acquainted with them, you will be able to make it easier to decide whether to use it or not.

Pros of buying bonuses

The Bonus BUY function is definitely the fastest briefcase to the bonus round that has already been established.

Thanks to her, you can go to the most valued and definitely bringing the largest winning features of the whole game in slots.

But did you know that in most cases, When the Bonus BUY function is active, RTP also increases?

Well, this is basically one of the greatest benefits of activating this function.

Let's say you Start on a slot with RTP 96.00%. This means that if you invest 100AUD in Slot and you will win everything, you will get 96AUD back, and the remaining 4AUD will remain in the machine as House Edge.

Now, with an active Bonus BUY function, RTP may increase, for example, up to 96.50%. This will reduce House Edge to 3.5%, which means that only 3.5 will remain in the machine. This example is the simplest, To give you an insight into it as RTP works (Of course, this is a very, very simplified example).

But because you want to get quick access to a bonus game in which payouts are huge, mathematics can be completely different.

Let's say that you have invested 100AUD so far, but thanks to the Bonus BUY function you can win 100,000PLN. This means that with an increased RTP 96.50% indicator, you will receive 96.500 for 100!

Now this is the risk that many Starters are willing to take. Especially highrollers.

This leads us to the next advantage of activating this function.

If you are a high-roller, you do not mind investing a lot on slots with high volatility, because very variable slots give huge withdrawals. In such slots, Bonus BUY is almost always an option.

It accelerates the game and allows Starters who Start high rates in the slots for faster reaching huge winnings.

Dzięki tej funkcji, gracze szybko przechodzą do bonusu i przeskakują od razu do najbardziej interesującej i opłacalnej części gry, oszczędzając tym samym wiele swojego cennego czasu i nie ukrywajmy -> frustracji!!

But we must also mention the entertainment value of this function.

Of course, the bonus rounds are the most attractive part of the slot action. But their launch can sometimes be quite difficult. Pogoń for a bonus round can be frustrating, overwhelming and even cause anxiety. In addition, it can cost you much more on the long run compared to the costs that you would have to incur to activate the Bonus BUY function.

And that's why, to save trouble wasting valuable time, money and health, sometimes the activation of this function can be very helpful. When you see a slot with a reasonable price bonus buy, and you know that you are very frustrated by chasing a bonus, a better option will be a purchase in the future to make your life easier.


Now we can return to the controversial part.

While many Starters, mainly High-Rollers as supporters of this function, claim that Bonus BUY is still an option, not a mandatory function, and have the freedom to choose to actually buy your way to the bonus instead of chasing it, critics claim that this function It is a nightmare for soiled and poorly controlling its expenses in the Starter Casino Casino, forcing them to give much more than they can afford and in a very short time.

That is why this function was finally banned on some key markets, including in Great Britain.

This is one of its main defects, the fact and therefore it is forbidden in many jurisdictions.

In addition to being not available in all jurisdictions, as mentioned, this function can cost a lot. While 50x to 100x rate is acceptable, there are slots where this function costs 350x, 750x or even 2,000x.

This is the place where things begin to complicate. If the total win in the game is about 3.000x rate, and you activate a function that costs a 2.000x rate, you like to risk much for nothing. In such cases you have to count and make sure you can gain at least twice as much than the cost of the Bonus BUY function so that the entire purchase is worth a risk. If the game can offer a payment of 3,000x rates, and the Bonus BUY function costs 50x, this is something you can consider.

Now, it leads us to another problem.

We have just given an example that the cost of the Bonus BUY function would be reasonable. But does this function guarantee huge winnings? No, it guarantees quick access to the bonus game.

When you get to a bonus game, your chances of winning a huge amount will continue to depend on happiness. Several, some Bonus BUY functions not only increase RTP, but also add Special symbols on drumsTo further increase your chances for a great win, but unfortunately not all. The truth is that this feature does not guarantee high winnings.

Let's go back to our example, which we recognized as a reasonable, where Bonus BUY costs 50x, and Slot offers a payment of 3,000x rates. With an active option, you can reach a 3,000x rate, but not necessarily.

You can not win anything or win only a 20x rate, which you did not count by activating Bonus BUY. This is the reason why many Starters are disappointed and therefore rarely activates it.

But knowing all these for and against, at least you can make a bill, you can consider good and bad pages, check the slot, try it even in demo mode before you decide to buy a Bonus BUY function.

At the end of the day, everything depends on happiness, but the Bonus BUY function can increase your happiness. Therefore, consider all the information you have learned today and decide whether this is a function that matches your online game style.

If you are interested in checking how it looks in practice, we recommend one of the casinos below where you can test the Bonus BUY !!

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